How to cook ready to eat meals with no time.

Cooking ready to eat meals is a perfect solution for organizing your weekly meals and saving time. When you want to live a consistent and healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet is an important piece of the equation. Part of that means having pre-made meals when you finish with your day, so that eating on-the-go doesn’t become a habit in your lifestyle.  

So, beyond avoiding eating out on a regular basis, what are the other benefits to consider in having ready to eat meals in your home? Here’s what we’ve figured out:

  • No more trips to the store. When you have a service like CookUnity providing your meals for you, you can say goodbye to last minute trips to the store for dinner, especially at peak hours.
  • You’ll be saving time. The average meal takes 2 hours and 8 minutes, including preparation and cleanup. That’s 2 hrs and 8 minutes that you could be working, resting, and spending time with your family.
  • You’ll waste less. When you have ready to eat meals, you will also buy less of what you don’t need at the store, and therefore have less food to waste. Meals are portioned so that what you heat up is what you will consume at a given meal.
  • You’ll have less stress. Knowing that you have a meal to come home to at the end of the day is a huge relief. You’ll no longer have that “what’s for dinner” panic around 4:00 p.m. when your risk for hanger is also at its peak.
  • You’ll save money. Similar to not being tempted into buying foods that you don’t need, when you have meals planned out, you’ll buy more precise amounts of the foods that you need.  
  • You’ll have a more varied diet. When you take the time to plan out ready to eat meals you’ll have a better idea of what you’re eating for the week ahead of you. If you’re not rushed to make quick decisions around your eating, you can look ahead and make smart decisions about what you have lined up and you’ll have success around keeping a balanced diet.

ready to eat meals

If you fear having no time to even make your ready to eat meals, here are our suggestions:

  • Look at where you want to be saving time most in your meal prep and planning.
  • Write out your list of ingredients before going to the store to avoid unnecessary wandering.
  • Choose recipes that are simple and attainable to your cooking style and knowledge.
  • Divide your shopping day and your cooking day into two separate days of the week so as to not become overwhelmed with everything in one day.

If having to cook your own ready to eat meals still doesn’t fit into your schedule, we have the perfect solution for you. Check out CookUnity’s weekly meal plans for a huge variety of meals from New York’s top chefs. When you subscribe, you’ll also have access to free sessions with CookUnity’s nutritionists, so you can have guidance on what is best for your body, and create the most balanced lifestyle that’s right for you.

Whether you’re ordering from CookUnity or preparing your own ready to eat meals at home each week, the benefits to your health will be noticeable. According to Johns Hopkins University, people who cook at home eat less fat, sugar, and carbohydrates than those that don’t. In addition, being intentional about your eating and meal-planning every week is a great way to slow down and be present, building healthy habits into your daily schedule.

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