Fernanda Petrini

About Fernanda:

Fernanda learned to cook in her grandmother's kitchen in Curitiba, Brazil, where she lived until setting off for New York City 8 years ago. Starting with Brazilian staples like rice and beans and moqueca (a hearty fish stew), those early experiences alongside Avó Anice inform her approach to food: simple methods, surprising combinations, diverse and local ingredients, and bold flavors. With her Brazilian heritage, family hailing from Greece and Eastern Europe, a year spent in Paris, a particular taste for the spiciest corners of Asian cuisine, and a Jewish husband, Fernanda is comfortable cooking all over the map. 

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with grilled thyme chicken breast


with Maple Squash


Dorian: 06/29/2017



Daniel: 06/22/2017

Meat was rare

Meat was rare

patrick: 06/16/2017

Ordered and did not receive. Was available night before placing order. Customer service ...Read more

Ordered and did not receive. Was available night before placing order. Customer service called at the requested time of delivery to say sold out. Then got annoyed while she wait while I log on to choose something else. I chose the shrimp. Then less than 5 Minutes I receive a call back shrimp is sold out. Pick something else. I chose the crab. Logged back in and saw shrimp was available on line. I called back and asked her to double check on the shrimp. Oh. It was available. I supposed it was a busy day or staff is short handed! We enjoyed our meals but definitely a bit chaotic! Chef, Would have love to try your chicken. Please share above with mgmt.

simon: 06/08/2017

delicious, good portion too

delicious, good portion too

Fernanda Petrini

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