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As busy New Yorkers, it can be a daily challenge to eat healthy either because you’re just on the go and don’t have time to make a nice meal for yourself or because there’s so much temptation…especially now-a-days with us food bloggers taking pictures of huge ice cream cones or cheesy burgers (sorry guys!).

Cook Unity is a new company that does a great job at trying to provide us busy New Yorkers with daily varieties of “home cooked” food that is prepared a few hours before its delivered to your door. All you need to do is heat it up and you’ve got yourself a perfectly portioned and relatively healthy dinner!

I tried a few dinners from Cook Unity and I have to say the taste of the food is really on point. Everything is seasoned so well that every bite is just full of flavor. The packaging is also very pleasing—with the meals coming in compostable containers wrapped in twine with the heating instructions attached. Each meal also comes with a pretty tasty cookie…bonus!

The first meal I had was their Roasted Salmon with sautéed kale over a sweet potato mash and a side of zucchini. The colors of this alone were beautiful. The salmon was really fresh and cooked to a perfect medium to medium-rare temperature:

​The next dinner I had was a Marinated Kale and Shrimp bowl with avocado quinoa, half of an avocado, and a sundried tomato sauce. This meal came with a side of string beans. This meal was just incredibly flavorful from the marinade on the kale, the seasoning on the shrimp, to the avocado quinoa with a hint of lime. I could absolutely eat this for dinner all the time!

Lastly, I saw “truffle” and I couldn’t resist their Roasted Chicken with Truffle Risotto! You might be wondering, as I did, if risotto would be good heated up. I have to say they did a great job at making sure the rice was not mushy after it was reheated. And again, as the other meals, this one was very well seasoned and the chicken was a nice large portion and cooked very well.

There were peas and mushrooms also served which added a nice extra touch! Not pictured, but this meal also came with a side of green beans

Another great feature is that you can select your 45-minute delivery window that start at 5:00 PM and go through 9:30 PM. Even though they only deliver to Manhattan, their delivery area within Manhattan is quite expansive.

On their website you can even filter out the meals based on your dietary preferences, such as gluten free, vegetarian, organic, spicy(!!), seasonal, or even by your favorite chef. Each meal also includes the full nutritional facts along with a description of all the ingredients used. The meals are reasonably priced, you can get a steak dinner for about $15 and the delivery fee is similar to if you ordered on seamless and tipped your delivery guy.

I would love to be able to order lunch to my office, but I'm confident that they'll start offering lunch delivery soon! Basically...I highly recommend giving Cook Unity a try—you definitely won’t be disappointed by the food!



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We'd like to welcome nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and New Yorker Brooke Alpert to our CookUnity.

Brooke received her Masters of Science at New York University and completed her dietetic training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in affiliation with NYU. She is the founder of B Nutritious, a private nutrition counseling and consulting firm located on the Upper East Side.

She will work with our artisan chefs community creating even healthier, tastier, more balanced and conscious meals for you to enjoy.