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Eating right has never been this easy.


We source real ingredients

packed with nutrition from farmers trust.


The best NY independent chefs hand-craft your meals

in small batches and with health-conscious methods.


You choose the perfect meal for you

from more than 20 balanced meal options per day.


We deliver
in one hour

meals arrive chilled, so you can heat them up when you are ready.

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  • Ideal for Healthy Eaters, Foodies and Busy Parents

    By far the best of the new food services. Everything was fresh and delicious - better than most restaurants let alone delivery!

    Randy Y.

    Healthy Foodie

  • Ideal for Healthy Eaters, Foodies and Busy Parents

    As someone who has to order from Seamless every evening for work, CookUnity is the greatest thing that has happened to me during my two years of (before now) eating typically unhealthy, overly salted Seamless food. Finally an option that gives you transparency on ingredients / health information while offering tasty, artisan meals. My blood pressure thanks you too CookUnity - ordering regularly is helping me cut down on a sodium-heavy diet from an otherwise unhealthy offering on Seamless.

    Brett M.

    Healthy Foodie

  • Ideal for Healthy Eaters, Foodies and Busy Parents

    Cookunity was simply great. It was really really flavorful, delicious food. The delivery time was quick, even late on a busy night. I liked that a card was included about the chef and ingredients used in each meal. 10/10, will order again.

    Adam H.

    Healthy Foodie

  • Ideal for Healthy Eaters, Foodies and Busy Parents

    Finally a real food answer to dinner. Excellent gourmet, chef created meals with fresh, healthy food, my children are trying dishes they would never consider if I cooked it. restaurant foods as excellent as these are too expensive for children to try and not eat. i think they sent new children with our food, now they want to try everything. Food arrived on time so you can really plan to have it arrive at your convenience.

    One quick addition- dont miss the Friday special.

    Eileen O.

    Healthy Foodie

Saturday, October 20

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We are so happy that you love this meal as much as we do. Now that we know it, we will prioritize this meal in next week's menu and let you know.

The CookUnity Team.

welcome Brooke Alpert M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

We'd like to welcome nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and New Yorker Brooke Alpert to our CookUnity.

Brooke received her Masters of Science at New York University and completed her dietetic training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in affiliation with NYU. She is the founder of B Nutritious, a private nutrition counseling and consulting firm located on the Upper East Side.

She will work with our artisan chefs community creating even healthier, tastier, more balanced and conscious meals for you to enjoy.