Holiday Joys

Chef Luciana is providing CookUnity with an array of delicious holiday treats this season. We wanted to learn more about her process, and we wanted to share that with our community. So we sat down for a little chat, to ask what makes her sweets so special and how they landed at CookUnity.

What holiday treats are you bringing to the CookUnity community?

Ginger Pumpkin bread, Panettone and Walnuts honey bars

panettonePanettone is one of those treats I see every holiday season that I’ve never tried! Can you describe it?

It is a type of sweet bread loaf which originated in Italy. The process of making it is lengthy, because you have to cure the dough. It’s similar to making sourdough. The process alone takes 2 days, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics. It contains Cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, raisins and lemon zest.

Tell me about your gingerbread. You put pumpkin in it?!

Yes, definitely! I add some pumpkin which brings the sweetness and moisture to the bread. I also add ginger. It’s all a great combination.

bars-3Are your Honey Walnut Bars a traditional holiday treat?

Yes, it is a typical European tradition. They’re similar to pecan pie. But instead of pecans and maple syrup, I use honey and walnuts.

Where are you from and what is a holiday treat from there?

I am from Argentina. The typical holiday treat is the panettone, we usually eat it on both Christmas and New Years.

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