Healthy eating, environmentally conscious.

Creating a Positive Impact

We want to create a new food model that has a net positive impact on our planet and our people. We strive to give more back to the planet than we take from it. Mother Nature deserves all of our efforts to preserve and heal the earth so future generations are able to enjoy it.


title slickOur Returnable Packaging Program



Because reusable packaging has a powerful impact on our planet. With your help, we'll be closer to achieving CookUnity's zero waste goal.



We partnered with Dispatch Goods (a female-founded reverse logistics company accelerating reuse) and our drivers company to support our efforts to upcycle and reuse our packaging



It's happening right now in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Seattle if you receive your order in an insulated bag. The program is coming soon to Austin and Atlanta.

How can you help?

How can you help?

Please leave your CookUnity insulated bag and Ice Packs on your front step, lobby or wherever your orders arrive. We'll take them back to be sanitized and reused.

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Our Climate-Friendly Collection has arrived in LA

The Climate-Friendly Collection offers eco-conscious eaters a holistically curated selection of meals that combine: low carbon impact, whole foods, and ingredients with high sustainability standards.

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Our climate-friendly meals are Carbon Neutral Certified by Planet FWD, aligned with accounting methodologies as laid out in GHG Protocol and ISO 14040/4.

By offering meals that have a smaller emissions footprint,  are less resource intensive; and are carbon-neutral certified, we empower customers to make sustainable choices to help reduce impact on climate change. 

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Meet our climate-friendly meals

Delicious food that’s good for you and good for the planet.

title slickFood waste is non-negotiable here.

At CookUnity, we have an efficient production model that minimizes Food Waste.

How? With our weekly meal subscription, chefs only cook what they have already sold, so we reduce Food Waste before it starts. We may not be able to guarantee zero food waste just yet, but we won't let edible food go to the garbage when billions of people around the world go hungry. We can't afford it. Our goal is to divert food waste from the landfill by reducing it. When that's not possible, we boost our donations.

CookUnity is Rethink Food’s national food excess partner!

By donating excess ingredients from our operations nationwide, CookUnity is providing nutritious meals for our neighbors facing food insecurity.

title slickOur Ingredients

We care about the quality and nutrition of our ingredients, as well as the impact they have on the environment and surrounding communities.

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title slickEmpower Enriching Partnerships

Considering the environment first in all of our decision making can help us to achieve our sustainability goals. That’s why we team up with recognized organizations and partners like these.