We make eating better so you can make living, great.

We cook delicious, healthy meals and deliver them to your door. Every week.

Easy as…


Choose your meals

You are unique, so is your diet. We have a wide variety of hand-crafted meals for you. Choose what you love and what makes you feel good.


We cook and deliver
A weekly rotating menu of over 150 different options, prepared and cooked by our chefs and delivered fresh – never frozen.


Heat your meal and enjoy
Our fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in under 2 minutes. The only thing you need to do is enjoy.
included in your meal plan

Fresh chef-cooked meals

Individual packaged meals artfully crafted from scratch by 50+ top NY private chefs

High-quality ingredients from trusted farmers

Local, mostly organic, all natural meats and sustainable seafood, sourced from responsible farms.

The most eco-friendly packaging

Made from recycled materials. Please compost or recycle. Oven safe and microwave safe.

Live nutritionist

Your nutritionist will be on call to give you advice on tailoring your diet to your needs, and even inspire you to try some new meals.

A community of 50+ private chefs

We are independent chefs that come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences. Find your favorites and connect!

a plan tailored to your needs

Starting at $11.49 per meal
No commitment. You can reschedule, skip deliveries, pause and cancel your plan anytime.

What’s different?

Time is money. Time is sleep. Time is fun. Time is valuable. We save you time.
“CookUnity has improved my quality of life and, more importantly, (because I’m not a hunger monster anymore) made me a better doctor. Most of us are willing to pay for services that simplify our lives, which is definitely something you do!”
Hannah, doctor, Hoboken
So fresh and so real it's like a farmer and a chef are sitting at your table.
“Food is important to me I don't use medicine. I use food.”
Tiffany, banker, mother of 2, Tribeca
Having a personal chef shouldn’t cost you. We’re a community of NYC chefs making it easy to eat what’s right for you.
“Connecting independent chefs with foodies is really really cool. I always tell people I have private chefs cooking my meals.”
Jonathan, fashion designer, UWS
You are unique and so is your diet.
“I lost 30 pounds in one year eating CookUnity meals. The team of nutritionist helped me find the best diet and meals for my body. I always find a meal for my mood and CookUnity always accommodates my dietary restrictions and allergies .”
Jacqueline, Long Island
Eating in is the new eating out.
“The CookUnity Subscription has honestly been one of the best things I have done for myself. When returning home from work late, I always know there is a good meal instead of pizza or cereal or Chinese Food. I choose CookUnity over Seamless because it’s closer to a home-cooked meal.”
Sal, designer, Brooklyn

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