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Chef Stacy Bareng takes people on a culinary exploration through extraordinary cuisine. Hailing from a Filipino immigrant family, Chef Stacy’s passion for food was ignited by helping her grandma and mother grow organic vegetables, raise livestock and cookfarm-to-table authentic Filipino cuisine.

After graduating fromLe Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts with a specialization in French,Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Bareng worked her way up in hotel kitchen honing her skills.At ever-popular The Tasting Kitchen, she worked directly with James Beard Nominated Casey Lane as a sous chef,mastering whole animal butchery, pasta making, and learned to channel her creative process. After pursuingside projects, Bareng became the Chef de Cusinefor Vialedei Romani, a coastalItalian restaurant named"One of the biggest openings of 2018" nationally by Food and Wine Magazine while under their supervision.She then returned toSanLuisObispo as Executive Chef to runCass house,a true farm-to-table restaurant under with consultant/mentor, Julie Simon. Needing a return to Los Angeles, Bareng worked along with two-Michelin Stared Chef Josiah Citrin to relaunch Melisse before the pandemic started. Bareng enjoys finally applying all her technique and experience to the cuisine of her childhood, expect Filipino comfort food such as lumpias, pancit, and adobo with a Californian-Angeleno flair.


Meals by Stacy Bareng are prepared fresh in small batches in local kitchens across the country.

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1-2-3-4-5 Glazed Spare Ribs
4.2 (152)
860 cal
Stacy  Bareng

Stacy Bareng

1-2-3-4-5 Glazed Spare Ribs
Adobo Chicken Wings with Garlic Rice
Stacy Bareng

Stacy Bareng

Adobo Chicken Wings with Garlic Rice
Adobo Spare Ribs with Garlic Rice
Stacy Bareng

Stacy Bareng

Adobo Spare Ribs with Garlic Rice

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Stacy Bareng

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How can I order Stacy Bareng's food?

If you're new to CookUnity, you'll be asked to select your first meals while signing up. As an existing subscriber, simply search for Stacy Bareng when selecting your next set of meals.

How does Stacy Bareng's food on CookUnity compare to Stacy Bareng's restaurants?

It's the same high quality food you've come to expect from Stacy Bareng's restaurants! Food is prepared in a CookUnity kitchen just like it would be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Chefs and their teams prepare meals in small batches and deliver them fresh.

How many meals does Stacy Bareng offer?

It varies day to day based on local sourcing but on average around 10 dishes. Sometimes there will be more for special events.