Eating well should be easy.

Let the chefs of CookUnity bring their technique and passion to your table every week.

We’re CookUnity, a chef collective.

We envision a world in which chefs are no longer bound by the economic and geographic limitations of the current restaurant model. One where culinary artists can reach beyond the neighborhood, and share their craft with millions of people.

chef collective
chef collective

We are building the first-ever marketplace through which millions of busy, everyday folks will discover, experience, and celebrate the absolute best food the world has to offer whenever they like.

All it takes is relentless coordination, powerful feedback, and a commitment to giving chefs the creative freedom to do what they do best.

More than
table steaks

There are food delivery services, there are meal kit subscriptions, there are heat-and-serve fridge-fillers. But until now, no one has (responsibly) packaged the ingenuity and hard-earned technique of the industry’s leading culinary talent, and delivered the incredible results to kitchen tables far and wide.

chef collectivechef collective
chef collective

A values-driven company

There are certain non-negotiables in the CookUnity ecosystem. By sticking to these ideals, we’ve created a connection from farm to kitchen to table.


Begin with the best ingredients.

Healthy, balanced, and incredibly delicious meals start with the very best ingredients. We source fresh, seasonal produce because it’s more flavorful and more nutritious. We prioritize whole foods and local suppliers so we can offer a clean label to customers, and form sustainable partnerships with purveyors, artisans, and farmers. For us, quality and standards are everything — start to finish.