Local Pantry: Healthy and Homemade Products From Artisanal Chefs To Your Shelves

CookUnity recently expanded from delivering only whole meals, to carrying small batch, artisanally crafted products. Everything in our pantry is made locally, sometimes in our own kitchens, and using the best ingredients around. This is another way for us to create and expand our community, by partnering with more awesome New York chefs who are cooking with integrity and passion.

Check out our current Fall and Winter products:

From Tree Juice, which we’ll expand on below, we’re offering two sweet delights: Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup (ooh-la-la) and Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup (for the modern traditionalist).

Jenkins Jellies will keep you warm from the inside out with these two fire-filled jellies made from no shenanigans ingredients: Fiery Figs Pepper Jelly and Hell Fire Pepper Jelly.

Made in-house by non-other than CookUnity’s all star chefs, we have our freshest pantry items: Vietnamese Pickles, Strawberry-Ginger Jam, and Dark Chocolate Almond Butter. All in-house items offer a healthier, artisanally crafted version of a product you would normally see packaged in a store.


And if you’re looking to spice things up, check out all of our blends and spice rubs from ATC Spice Blends.

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