November At CookUnity: Lunch Is On The Menu!

You asked for it, and now it’s finally here. We’ve been waiting for the day we could say these three magic words, “Lunch is served.”

The weather is-a-changin, and the temperatures are steadily dropping, which means it might be less enticing to take that lunch break walk around the corner from the office. Or the apartment (freelance is the new full-time, yes?). So, what better time to start making CookUnity available for more hours in your day? You can now order all of the deliciousness starting at Sunday for the rest of the week, yayyy!

We really look forward to seeing how this expands your eating horizons, and brings you into the CookUnity community. Our goal is to keep you well fed and adventurous in your decisions, and to let you know these awesome and creative chefs a bit better. Also, how cool is it that you can save time and order lunch and dinner at once?!

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