Eat well,
without effort.

CookUnity is a personalized meal subscription service for busy people who want to eat healthily but are overwhelmed by what that takes. By making it easy and flavorful, we help them build better eating habits without making any sacrifices.

Here is how it works

Wholesome Ingredients,
Local Farms.

Our standards.

Real chefs

Meet our team of 50+ independent private chefs.

CookUnity is the first platform connecting independent private chefs with food lovers. Chefs that work in the best restaurants in the world and decided to be independent cooking your meals weekly. With your support, chefs can do what they love. And in return, we can provide healthy meals that are actually full of flavor and personalized for you. That's the power of community.

Meet the chefs

Personalized menu.

We don't believe in a "one size fit all" menu. We believe that each individual is unique and so is our diet. We want to tailor the perfect meals for you.


We don’t know all of your preferences yet – but we will. Always keep your preferences updated, we will use them to match you with the chefs and meals that better serve your needs and create new recipes.

Rate meals

When possible, rate your meals! We use your reviews to learn more what you like and dislike to keep tailoring the perfect menu for you. Also, our chef community read each single review and use the feedback to improve all the recipes.


Auto-pilot deliveries.

We want you to be able to eat well, without effort. Each week we suggest meals personalized to you. If you don’t prefer them, you can always choose from more than 150 weekly meals.

We will send you a

SMS notification reminder.

3 days prior to your delivery day at 9 am, you will receive a text message from us with our recommended meals.

You have until 5 pm that day to change meals or skip the delivery.

The default setting is that we are cooking and shipping healthy meals to your doorstep weekly!

menu is posted

2 Weeks in advance.

Some folks prefer to put their deliveries in auto-pilot and others prefer to browse the menu and choose themselves. For those, we post our menu every Friday for the next two weeks. Ordering is as easy as clicking "Change Meals", scroll around and use the filters to narrow it down to your preferences.

get freedom

Skip, Reschedule, Pause.

Work trip? Need a break? Cooking again this week? Change of schedule? No problem, you can skip, reschedule or pause your deliveries with a few taps. We’re not here to change your life – just to make sure it’s filled with delicious, healthy food.


Ready in minutes,
when you are.

Our chefs design the meals to keep freshness and flavor up to 5-7 days. Stock them in your fridge, enjoy them at your convenience.

Packaging that is compostable and designed to keep meals fresh.

Each meal is sealed with a technology called MAP (Modified atmosphere packaging)

Final step instructions.

Check the label on your meal for:
1. Heating instructions
2. Nutritional info
3. Expiration date

We recommend heating in the oven for the best results, when possible.


How to plate.

Food is sharing.
Food is the greatest

We get it. A big part of the value of our service is to save you time so you can spend more quality time doing what you love most. We do encourage you to spend 30 extra seconds plating your meal, setting the table, pouring a glass of wine and savor not only the delicious meal but the moment.



We only use the most environmentally friendly packaging. Please reuse, reduce, and recycle.

How to Recycle

More than meals.

We are here to support you on your healthy eating journey. Healthy snacks, natural drinks, plant-based appetizers, breakfast. We have you covered.







Customer Support Assistance.

Last minute request? Need assistance? We are here to make it easy and effortless. Reach out using what you find easiest and we will reply right away.


Start a Conversation

You will find the chat icon all over the website located at the bottom right. Don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The team typically replies in a few minutes.

Other contact channels.


Text us at:


Find us at:

Account Executive

Contact Laura at:


Health Coach and Nutrition Team.

Ultimately, we hope to create better eating habits, together. Having healthy meals ready in minutes makes this more attainable, but there’s so much more to living a holistic lifestyle. Want to try a new diet but not sure where to start? Feeling low energy lately? We’re here to walk you through your healthy journey.



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We are so happy that you love this meal as much as we do. Now that we know it, we will prioritize this meal in next week's menu and let you know.

The CookUnity Team.

welcome Brooke Alpert M.S., R.D., C.D.N.

We'd like to welcome nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and New Yorker Brooke Alpert to our CookUnity.

Brooke received her Masters of Science at New York University and completed her dietetic training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in affiliation with NYU. She is the founder of B Nutritious, a private nutrition counseling and consulting firm located on the Upper East Side.

She will work with our artisan chefs community creating even healthier, tastier, more balanced and conscious meals for you to enjoy.