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Why you should replace all of your lunch delivery with CookUnity?


Why you should replace all of your lunch delivery with CookUnity

When you think of prepared meal delivery services, dinner often comes to mind. Lunch remains in a category of on-the-go fast food, dropping by the local counter closest to your office. But why not consider giving yourself the gift of a midday meal that won’t make you crash, and is also delicious? Let’s talk about a couple of reasons why CookUnity should be your meal delivery go-to, no matter what time of day.

CookUnity’s Menu

CookUnity’s menu offers the most variety out there. With multiple top chefs in cities across the country, CookUnity’s prepared meals are the perfect choice for a quick lunch or dinner. With choices from every dietary category and so many cuisines, you’ll never be bored and will always be satisfied with your midday meal. It’s the only place where you can order all of your meals ahead of time and look forward to having grilled salmon, flank steak salad(hello Esther Choi!), and tofu scallion noodles all in one week.

Chef Esther Choi-4.jpg


If you’ve looked into other meal services in NYC, you know there are many out there. But, none of them boast the convenience of CookUnity. CookUnity’s meal delivery happens every week, and each week there is a different menu to choose from. If you don’t have time to pick your meals for one week, they’ll do it for you, based on your ordering history and preferences. They also have breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it replaces all of your food delivery needs in one place.

Vegetarian Options

Lunch is often considered to be a lighter meal, and for many of us that can mean eating salad or a vegetarian dish. Generally, food delivery options will present a few vegetarian meals, but they are most often simply meals without meat, not standout vegetarian recipes. CookUnity’s menu offers the largest selection of vegetarian meals, and they are all incredibly unique. You can find everything from vegetarian fritters with coconut rice to hearty harvest salad bowls and everything in between.

lena-elkousay-Moroccan Chickpea Tagine


If you’re looking for prepared meals for lunch to replace your fast food run between calls, order CookUnity. With weekly delivery and meals that heat in minutes, you can replace your sad desk lunch, be it at home or in a corporate dining settings, with something that’s not only convenient, but will excite you to take a break for yourself, and keep you feeling healthy for the rest of the day.