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What Candies Are Vegan? Your Guide To Vegan-Friendly Candies

What Candies Are Vegan

Candy is a beloved treat that's been enjoyed for years. For many of us, it's a guilty pleasure that we can't resist. Are you also a candy lover who recently started following a plant-based diet? Then navigating through the vegan candy aisle can be a little tricky as dairy and gelatin are two core ingredients in candies. And both of these are animal-derived products.

Therefore, knowing which candies are vegan is crucial for people following a plant-based diet. So for candy lovers like you, we have done the research and brought you an extensive list of vegan and non-vegan candies.

This list will help you find vegan-friendly toffees to satisfy your candy cravings while staying true to your dietary values.

Key Takeaways!

  • Vegan candies don't have animal products like milk, whey, butter, gelatin, etc.
  • Vegan candies have plant-based substitutes for the dairy products like almond, soy, or coconut milk, agar agar, vegan butter, etc.
  • Vegan candies are healthier than non-vegan ones.

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Understanding What Makes A Candy Vegan

Understanding What Makes A Candy Vegan

A vegan diet strictly excludes all direct and indirect animal-derived products such as dairy, eggs, honey, all types of meat, and even ingredients like gelatin and casein. Vegans go quite extreme in their pursuit of stopping animal exploitation; hence, they discourage the use of animal derivatives in apparel, cosmetics, etc., as well.

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Veganism as a lifestyle, entirely depends on plant-based and cruelty-free products. A vegan diet includes all green foods such as veggies, fruits, pulses, legumes, nuts, whole grains, etc. Even though it seems like a limited option, there are actually countless ways to get creative with your vegan diet and make delicious food.

Milk, cream, honey, gelatin, and butter are some of the core ingredients in candies, making them unsuitable for vegans. But thanks to the rise of veganism, we now have multiple options in vegan candies as well.

A vegan candy has no animal-derived ingredients like dairy milk, butter, cream, other dairy products, gelatin, lard, or animal-derived food coloring. Such candies are made with substitutes of these ingredients like vegan butter, cream, milk, agar agar, and the like. Even with the absence of these ingredients, vegan candies are no less in taste and flavor.

Whether it's sour candies, milky and chocolate bars, or hard candies, there is a vegan substitute for all to satisfy your candy cravings.

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Popular Candy Brands & Their Ingredients: Check Out What's Vegan And What's Not

Here are some popular candy brands and their ingredients that will help you decide which ones are vegan-friendly and which ones are not:

  • M&Ms: Dairy milk is the dominant ingredient in M&M candies, removing it from the vegan category.

  • Snickers: Snickers also contain milk chocolate; hence they are not vegan. Besides, it has lactose and egg, making it unsuitable for a vegan diet.

  • Ferrero Rocher: These famous chocolate balls are quite tempting, but unfortunately, they contain dairy products like butter and milk. So not a vegan-friendly option.

  • Skittles: Some Skittles flavors are vegan, including Skillet Sour, Skillet Classic Fruits, Skillets Tropical, and Wild Berry. But this is not an entirely vegan-friendly brand, so cross-contamination might occur.

  • Sour Patch: In terms of the ingredients list, yes, Sour Patch is vegan that has no eggs, dairy, or gelatin. However, the company does not clearly state the source of natural and artificial flavors. The flavors and colors can either be plant-based or animal-derived. Hence, it depends on individual beliefs and ethics to consume them or not.

  • Jolly Rancher: Even though most Jolly Rancher candies, such as the Hard Candies, Candy Stix, Lollipop, and Candy Canes, don't contain animal-based ingredients, it does not claim to be a vegan brand. The company site itself says that its candies are not plant-based. So the decision to have Jolly Rancher candies boils down to individual decisions.

  • Milk Duds: Milk Duds are also not fit for vegan diets. They contain butter, skim milk, and whey, among other ingredients, and none of these are vegan-friendly.

  • Riesen: Not a vegan-friendly candy due to the presence of whey, condensed skim milk, and butter.

  • Cadbury: Almost all candies from Cadbury have dairy ingredients, so vegans shouldn't consume them.

  • Nestle: Nestle has recently released their vegan Kitkat, called Kitkat V, which is free from any animal substance. But other candies from the brand still contain dairy and other animal byproducts.

  • Twizzlers: All Twizzler candy flavors are vegan and don't have gelatin or dairy. However, the company doesn't advertise them as vegan candies.

  • HersheyLand: HersheyLand is a parent brand for many candy brands that produces its own candies as well. The majority of these candies are not vegan-friendly and have milk, butter, whey, etc. But they have a few vegan options too, like their Signature Oat Made Classic dark chocolate is vegan.

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Specialty Vegan Candy Brands: Entirely Plant-Based

Made with quality ingredients and full of flavors, these specialty vegan candy brands are no less than non-vegan brands:

  • Go Max Go: This vegan candy brand has a range of delicious candies that are free from dairy, eggs, and any other non-vegan substances you can think of.

  • Misfits: Misfits is an entirely plant-based candy bar brand, and their bars are creamy, gooey, and packed with protein.

  • Nelly's Organic: Nelly's Organic chocolates are made with the goodness of nut butter, organic chocolate beans, vanilla, and a few other healthy ingredients. These chocolates are good for your taste buds and for your health.

  • Annie's: Annie's has a special range of vegan products, which includes gummies as well. These delicious bunny-shaped gummies are free from gelatin and other animal byproducts.

  • Cocomels: All Cocomels candies are made from coconut milk and other plant-based ingredients. These candies are incredibly tasty and are one of my favorite vegan candies.

These are a few non-cruelty brands that make vegan candies. These candies may not be available in general stores as non-vegan ones; hence, the brand websites are the best place to purchase them.

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Vegan Candies FAQs

What Chocolate Candy Is Vegan?

Some vegan chocolate candies are Casse-Cou Espresso Dark Chocolate & Almond Bar, Divine Treasures Chocolate Bar, Purdys Chocolatier Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar, etc.

What Is The Vegan Substitute Of Gelatin?

Agar agar, tapioca starch, and cornstarch are the best substitutes for gelatin and can be used to make gummy candies.


There you have it, an extensive list of vegan and non-vegan candies making you aware of what you can eat and what you can't. Checking the ingredient list is the key to detecting the presence of animal-derived substances. So every time you pick a candy, make sure to throw a glance at the ingredients used. Want to read more about veganism, its health benefits, etc.? Check out these articles written by Harvard Health, Oxford Population Health, etc.