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New dishes every week.

Our chefs are always adding fresh, delicious options to the menu. Choose from dozens of weekly options.

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How it works:

Effortless meals that balance nutrition and taste, delivered weekly.

Pick your meals from our rotating weekly menu!

Add, skip or reschedule deliveries any time.

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Our award-winning chefs cook sustainably-sourced ingredients

that are packed with nutrients and flavor.

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Custom selection of chef-crafted meals delivered to your door.

Follow our simple instructions to heat and plate — then enjoy!

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The first Chef-to-Customer Platform.

Celebrating the diversity and creativity of the local culinary scene, we partner with culinary innovators and Michelin-starred chefs from across the city to bring you an at-home dining experience you can’t find anywhere else.

I truly love the service and have been greatly enjoying the amazing easy meals in my life. As a mom of young twins working full-time from home during a pandemic - and who has a different eating preference than everyone else in the house - it has really saved me!



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