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Miriam Milord was born and raised in Germany in a Ghanaian/German family and made Brooklyn, New York, her home in 2000. Milord worked as a designer for a prominent art gallery her first years in NYC. She started baking creative cakes for friends and family for their special events in her spare time. Her inventive designs and tasty cakes began to attract a lot of attention, leading to her decision in 2009 to go into the custom cake business full time. Milord started BCakeNY (from BKNY for Brooklyn New York) with delicious creations that reflect her taste for a moist cake with just the right amount of sweetness. Her designs are influenced by the diverse art, people, and cultures of Brooklyn.


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BCakeNY by Miriam Milord

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How can I order BCakeNY by Miriam Milord's food?

If you're new to CookUnity, you'll be asked to select your first meals while signing up. As an existing subscriber, simply search for BCakeNY by Miriam Milord when selecting your next set of meals.

How does BCakeNY by Miriam Milord's food on CookUnity compare to BCakeNY by Miriam Milord's restaurants?

It's the same high quality food you've come to expect from BCakeNY by Miriam Milord's restaurants! Food is prepared in a CookUnity kitchen just like it would be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Chefs and their teams prepare meals in small batches and deliver them fresh.

How many meals does BCakeNY by Miriam Milord offer?

It varies day to day based on local sourcing but on average around 10 dishes. Sometimes there will be more for special events.