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Born and raised in Versailles, France Chef Cedric got his first introduction to cooking from his mom, who insisted on using the freshest ingredients from local markets for their family's meals. After trying his hand in the home kitchen, he formalized his interest in cooking when it came time to decide on professional school and enrolled in a culinary training program at the age of 15. It only took several months, and a couple missed soccer games, for Chef Cedric to decide he wanted to get into restaurants.

He moved to London to stage at The Lanesborough, and by the age of 19 he was working in Michelin-starred Le Club Gascon. Chef Cedric eventually came back home to France to work under Gordon Ramsey.He went on to Chef for a restaurant with a daily tasting menu that featured the best local ingredients he could source - this eventually earned the restaurant a Michelin Plate award.

Chef Cedric moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to open La Belle Vie and has been cooking in the city ever since.


Meals by Cedric Nicolas are prepared fresh in small batches in local kitchens across the country.

Los Angeles

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Common Questions

How can I order Cedric Nicolas's food?

If you're new to CookUnity, you'll be asked to select your first meals while signing up. As an existing subscriber, simply search for Cedric Nicolas when selecting your next set of meals.

How does Cedric Nicolas's food on CookUnity compare to Cedric Nicolas's restaurants?

It's the same high quality food you've come to expect from Cedric Nicolas's restaurants! Food is prepared in a CookUnity kitchen just like it would be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Chefs and their teams prepare meals in small batches and deliver them fresh.

How many meals does Cedric Nicolas offer?

It varies day to day based on local sourcing but on average around 10 dishes. Sometimes there will be more for special events.