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Chef Nelson Brizuela came to the u.s. in 2006 from El Salvador and began his first job in the restaurant industry at Mantilini. Beginning as a dishwasher, Chef Brizuela worked on building his culinary skills and determined to reach the position of head chef! He was proudly a part of the family at Mantilini for 10 years, until they closed their doors. After Mantilini, Chef began working at Hinoki & The Bird, under Executive Chef Brandon Kida, where he has continued to develop his techniques as a chef and a leader. Hinoki is a Japanese-American fusion restaurant where, as a sous chef, Brizuela has ventured into classic dishes like lobster, BBQ, ceviche and more. Under the mentorship of Chef Kida, Chef Brizuela has pushed to further develop his talents and, with chef Kida’s guidance, Brizuela has decided to take the opportunity to create his own “Revolution Kitchen.” The base of his dishes will focus on traditional cuisines with a modern twist.


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Nelson Brizuela

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How can I order Nelson Brizuela's food?

If you're new to CookUnity, you'll be asked to select your first meals while signing up. As an existing subscriber, simply search for Nelson Brizuela when selecting your next set of meals.

How does Nelson Brizuela's food on CookUnity compare to Nelson Brizuela's restaurants?

It's the same high quality food you've come to expect from Nelson Brizuela's restaurants! Food is prepared in a CookUnity kitchen just like it would be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Chefs and their teams prepare meals in small batches and deliver them fresh.

How many meals does Nelson Brizuela offer?

It varies day to day based on local sourcing but on average around 10 dishes. Sometimes there will be more for special events.