Award-Winning Chefs Hundreds of Meals delivered to you

Award-Winning Chefs
Hundreds of Meals
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Chicken Shawarma

Einat Admony

Chicken Shawarma

Why we love it

Global Cuisines

Einat Admony

Shawarma spices are a classic Middle Eastern mix that's perfect for grilled chicken. The chicken is accompanied by Israeli couscous, sweet and sour pickled cabbage, and a bright and tangy amba aioli.

Einat Admony

slickEnjoy the simplicity

Exceptional Food

Exceptional Food

Menus are updated weekly and new chefs are always joining our team of culinary all-stars.

Weekly Delivery

Weekly Delivery

Plans are flexible and commitment free. Skip deliveries, swap meals, or cancel anytime.

Easy and Effortless

Easy and Effortless

Choose a plan and select your meals. If you can't, we’re happy to select meals for you.

Meet us

We are a community of more than 70 chefs from across the city to bring you an at-home dining experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Approach



The Best Ingredients

We'll only cook with the freshest ingredients. Think seasonal produce selected for flavor and nutrition, and sustainably sourced meats.



Innovative Packaging

We use modified atmosphere packaging technology to keep meals fresh in the fridge for 4-7 days.



Zero Waste

We're committed to a zero-waste goal and have a returnable packaging program in LA and NY.

slickMost Common Questions

How does CookUnity work?

1. Pick your plan: Choose from 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 meals per week. You can always add, pause, or skip deliveries — or change your plan at any time.
2. Choose your weekly meals: Or forget about meal planning, and let us select for you based on your preferences.
3. Get chef-crafted meals at your door: All meals are delivered chilled in recyclable containers.
4. Heat, plate, and enjoy: Meals are ready-to-eat when you are. Just follow the simple instructions to eat and plate — then enjoy!
5. Enjoy flexible scheduling: Change your delivery day, add, pause, or reschedule deliveries at any time.

How many servings are in one meal?

As a general rule of thumb, one CookUnity meal is intended to serve one person. If you’re ordering for multiple people, our larger meal plans work well (8, 12, 16 meals/week). We encourage you to try different options and share “family style.”

How long do the meals last?

Since we don't use artificial or chemical preservatives, the meals have a refrigerated shelf life of about 4-7 days. Every meal has a “use by” date on the label.

Are meals frozen?

No. CookUnity meals are delivered fresh and chilled, so that they're ready to heat-and-eat when you are. If you aren't able to finish meals by their “Enjoy Before” date, you can freeze them beforehand. Just be sure to thaw them completely in the fridge before heating.

Business Subscription Program

Get CookUnity for your team!

Make life easier and healthier for your team. Our delicious chef-crafted meals cater to a variety of dietary needs and are ready to eat in minutes. Now you can get them delivered weekly to your office or directly to your employees’ doorsteps.

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CookUnity is the “new Spotify for food”

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I truly love the service and have been greatly enjoying the amazing easy meals in my life. As a mom of young twins working full-time from home during a pandemic - and who has a different eating preference than everyone else in the house - it has really saved me!