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Karin Adoni, is the creator of CLEAN DIET by KARIN and a highly sought-after
Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach specializing in healthy lifestyles, emotional
eating, and sugar detox.
Karin utilizes a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition, education, support,
and behavioral change. Karin made her mark as a nutritionist at one of Israel’s most
successful practices. Working with celebrity clientele and using the most
cutting-edge resources, Karin developed her unique and effective approach to eating
and obtaining a positive self-image. Later, she became the Head of the Nutrition
Department at Reebok Sports in New York City. Today, Karin has an exclusive,
private practice in Los Angeles and leads the popular and successful online nutrition
programs for clients nationwide. Karin’s programs restore the body to balance
through eating real and delicious whole foods, setting them apart from conventional
nutritional practices.


Meals by Karin Adoni Ben-David are prepared fresh in small batches in local kitchens across the country.

Los Angeles


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Signature meals by Karin, prepared in small batches and available to order directly to your door.

Blueberry-Banana Oatmeal Bake
Karin Adoni Ben-David

Karin Adoni Ben-David

Blueberry-Banana Oatmeal Bake
Tuscan-Style Roasted Chicken
Karin Adoni Ben-David

Karin Adoni Ben-David

Tuscan-Style Roasted Chicken
Herby Salmon with Tzatziki
Karin Adoni Ben-David

Karin Adoni Ben-David

Herby Salmon with Tzatziki

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Karin Adoni Ben-David

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How can I order Karin Adoni Ben-David's food?

If you're new to CookUnity, you'll be asked to select your first meals while signing up. As an existing subscriber, simply search for Karin Adoni Ben-David when selecting your next set of meals.

How does Karin Adoni Ben-David's food on CookUnity compare to Karin Adoni Ben-David's restaurants?

It's the same high quality food you've come to expect from Karin Adoni Ben-David's restaurants! Food is prepared in a CookUnity kitchen just like it would be prepared in a restaurant kitchen. Chefs and their teams prepare meals in small batches and deliver them fresh.

How many meals does Karin Adoni Ben-David offer?

It varies day to day based on local sourcing but on average around 10 dishes. Sometimes there will be more for special events.